Golden Gate Sunrise (FAIL) - Update

Golden Gate Sunrise (FAIL) - Update

On Monday, February 4th, I set out for what would be a 14+ mile hike from Marin Headlands, across the Golden Gate Bridge and into San Francisco.

I set out for Battery Spencer in the predawn hours and arrived just before sunrise. I then hiked down to Kirby Cove and the beach there to set up. However, the weather was uncooperative. I do like the drama of the surf and the ominous fog brooding over the bridge towers.

HDR + long exposures on the beach

Update: A little more editing to fix some of the noise. Much thanks to +Shawn Willden for the advice and demonstrating with an edit of his own.

Version 2, now with less noise and much sharper.

Kirby Cove Culvert

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