Great Portrait Locations in Fairfield and Suisun, CA

Great Portrait Locations in Fairfield and Suisun, CA

"You know all the good spots" my friend Melissa told me when asking for a photo shoot. True, I do have an innate eye for scenery that's becoming more and more polished now that I practice photography. At first, landscape photographers like large expansive vistas. Now I find myself looking at scenery on a smaller, person sized scale.

Spring in Pena Adobe

With a lagoon and a choice of hills covered in both grass or trees, Pena Adobe is an excellent location. One can even have a picnic in the shady Hume Grove, an area in the park with tall trees providing shade and a well tended garden of plants and flowers. On a hill above the lagoon, there's a pioneer grave surrounded by cherry trees. An excellent spot in the right season when the cherry blossoms bloom. Keep in mind though, that it's on a hilltop so be prepared to hike.

Suisun Waterfront Blue Hour

A particular favorite, the Suisun Waterfront is scenic and easy to get to. The venue is a microcosm of portrait locations to choose: The lighthouse and city hall are the prominent landmarks, however there are many smaller areas that make a unique and interesting scene. For example, next to the lighthouse is a grove of trees hard against the waterfront.

Alondra in sunset

Reversing the camera angle and shooting landward.

I enjoy frequent walks here and one spot in particular catches my eye for a future shoot. A gazebo in a residential neighborhood by the boat launch on Kellogg St. Another spot with potential is the outdoor hearth next to the Lawler House.

Gazebo with American Flag in the distance.

Oak Ridge Trail in Serpas Ranch

Serpas Ranch open space is a huge playground for a photographer. Wide open vistas at 500 ft elevation, oak trees, hills, a pond and seasonal wetlands. The big downside is it's a cattle pasture. Beef doesn't smell so good when it's this fresh.

At the entrance there's some flowering bushes and the seasonal wetland. Further into the hills to the west is an oak grove and a great view of Twin Sisters Mountain. Eastward is the "Turtle Pond".

Melissa and flowers

Going to the Turtle Pond.

Melissa really did climb the tree in a dress.

Fairfield Civic Center In Spring

Fairfield Civic Center In Spring

Don't Look At Me, Look At Each Other

Don't Look At Me, Look At Each Other