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The Waterfall Portrait

My friend Mariana is in her senior year of high school. I certainly wanted to shoot her senior portraits. She informed me of a park in my area that has fountains. Lawler Falls park has artificial waterfalls falling into ponds made to resemble the nearby marshlands. I was pleasantly surprised the falls were on and the ponds not dry, here in parched California. 

Mystery in Shadows - Off Camera Flash

I just picked up a pair of Yongnuo 560-IV flash units. The flashes have the ability to transmit wirelessly for off camera flash lighting. The device is fully manual and very affordable at $71.00 each. The instruction manual that came with it is poorly translated into English from Chinese, so I did a lot of button mashing and trial and error. I wanted to figure out how to fire the remote flash while disabling the flash in the camera hotshoe and just having that on camera unit transmit the command to fire the remote flash.